Spy Pen Voice Recorder


Unique Selling Points
Ultra Slim Hidden Voice Recorder with real ballpoint pen
High clear Recording Quality
ALC Function(Automatic Recording Level Control)
Rechargeable Battery(LI-polymer,Built-in Charger)
Battery Life Time:Rec.=12hrs/Play=8hrs

Main Features
< Voice Recoding >
Recording Mode Selector(XHQ/HQ/LP)
Recording Time : XHQ=4.5hrs,HQ=9hrs,LP=18hrs (128MB)
: XHQ=9hrs,HQ=18hrs,LP=36hrs (256MB)
VOS function (Voice Operating System) ON/OFF
Intro Scan,Skip,Search (20sec,10mins Select)

< Covert Recording >
Secret Recording pretending to use a ballpoint pen ***
Covert Recording in the pocket, under the diary

< User-friendly menu & functions of the recorder >
Auto Scan
First, Last File Search
Auto Power Off Mode
USB2.0 UP/Down Load(Window Me~Vista 32bits)
Battery Indicator : LED Diplay
Key Function
   -Recorder:Rec. & Play
   -Wired R/C:Play/Play Pause/Stop/Erase/FF/REW/Mode/Hold/Volume
Output : by Earphone

11.4135mm, 18g
Weight of the package: 200g including basic accessories

Recording Time
MQ-76 128MB MQ-77 256MB
XHQ 4.5hrs 9hrs
HQ 9hrs 18hrs
LP 18hrs 36hrs
Basic Accessary
Spy Pen Voice Recorder - MQ-76
Spy Pen Voice Recorder - MQ-76
Spy Pen Voice Recorder - MQ-76