Digital Voice Recorder


Unique Selling Points
POR(Power Operated Recording) Function & Voice Activated Power On Off / Start Recording***
Scheduling a Time to make recording ***
Automatic Telephone Recording On/Off via Special Telephone Adaptor ***
Recovery of Erased files by mistake ***
File Management by recording date and time ***
Hearing Aid Function ***
Recording Compatible with every telephone & cell phone

Main Features
POR(Power Operated Recording): Voice generates Power on of the recorder and starts recording automatically.
Big Letters on the display for catching info. easily
Various Recording Modes
   - Silent Recording Mode without Beef Sound
   - Secret Recording with No LCD Display
The most advanced recording option
   - Changing the file No. in recording
   - Recording to the recorded file(One file)
Long time recording up to 260 hours
POR(Power Operated Recording)
Current time display function
VOR(Voice Operated Recording)
TOR (Telephone Operated Recording) : World first function
Automatic Telephone Recording On/Off via Telephone Adaptor
Recording Mode Selectable(XQ/HQ/SP/LP)
Monitoring in recording file
Telephone/Cell Phone Recording compatible with every telephone and cell phone
Time Display and Recording File name is saved as recording time & date automatically
Intro Scan function
Microphone Sensitivity Adjustment(Hi/Low/User)
Recovery of the erased & quick format file
Alarm function
Hearing Aid function
Playback Speed Selectable from slow / normal / fast speed
Easy menu key
Display time to be left for recording
Outer Speaker with Amp.
Total 396 Files in 4 Folders(A/B/C/D)
USB 2.0 Interface
External Power Supply thru USB or DC
AAA X 2 Battery (20hrs for record at SP Mode)
Connecting External Audio Device
External Microphone for better recording quality
File Editing on the provided S/W
Frimware Upgrade Available

40g(excluding Batt.)

Recording Time
256MB 512MB
XQ 29h 50m 59h 40m
HQ 43h 30m 87h 00m
SP 59h 40m 119h 20m
LP 130h 20m 260h 40m
Basic Accessary
Manual, Install CD, AAA Battery(2pcs), Earphone, Audio Cable, Ex-Microphone, USB cable, Telephone Adaptor
Phone Cable, Hand Strap

Optional Accessary
Cell Phone Recording Kit
FBH-2000 (Long time Recording Battery Pack) / High Quality Amplifier Microphone

Digital Voice Recorder - FSV-2000
Digital Voice Recorder - FSV-2000
Digital Voice Recorder - FSV-2000
Digital Voice Recorder - FSV-2000
Digital Voice Recorder - FSV-2000